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Volunteer Coordination Internship Empleos vacantes en Alliance For Research And Conservation The Amazon Arcamazon Puerto Maldonado

Alliance For Research And Conservation The Amazon Arcamazon Puerto Maldonado requiere con urgencia la posición de Volunteer Coordination Internship siguiente. Por favor, lea este anuncio de trabajo cuidadosamente antes de aplicar. Hay algunas calificaciones, experiencia y habilidades requisito de que los empleadores requieren. Hace tu trayectoria profesional encaja con estos requisitos? Asegúrese de que entiende el papel que está solicitando y que se adapta a sus habilidades y calificaciones.

Siga las instrucciones en línea, completar todos los campos necesarios, y proporcionar toda la información pertinente para que su solicitud sea presentada correctamente. Al hacer clic en el botón 'Apply this Job' (abre en ventana nueva) se le llevará al formulario de solicitud en línea. Aquí se le pedirá que proporcione datos personales y de contacto, responder a preguntas relacionadas con el empleo, y mostrar cómo usted cumple con los criterios de selección clave.

Volunteer Coordination Internship Empleos vacantes en Alliance For Research And Conservation The Amazon Arcamazon Puerto Maldonado Empleos Detalles:

Volunteer Coordination Internship

Alliance for Research and Conservation in the Amazon (ARCAmazon)

Puerto Maldonado, Peru

The NGO Alliance for Research and Conservation in the Amazon (ARCAmazon) is hiring an intern to coordinate and host volunteers, with the occasional administrative work, in the jungle city of Puerto Maldonado in the Amazon Rainforest.

About us:

Founded out of a wonder of the rainforest on the Las Piedras River, and developed by the combined skills and efforts of an international group of conservationists, scientists, and marketing professionals, the Alliance for Research and Conservation in the Amazon (ARCAmazon) is a non-profit located in the Madre de Dios region in the city of Puerto Maldonado, Peru.

We support research and conservation initiatives in collaboration with other non-profits in the region and with local communities on the Las Piedras River. Our field site, the Las Piedras Amazon Center (LPAC), is located within a 4,460-hectare rainforest concession, and acts as a hub that channels the energy and resources of volunteering and ecotourism to halt illegal logging, hunting and mining, while improving our understanding of Amazonian wildlife and collaborating with the people living there to develop sustainable livelihoods.

Learn more at: http://conservetheamazon.org

About you:

You are a motivated self-starter with an understanding of and passion for rainforest conservation. You are also interested in learning more about different cultures and lifestyles. Taking initiative and quickly following through are second nature to you, as is adapting quickly to change while maintaining a positive attitude. You are as comfortable working as part of a team as you are taking on projects solo, and enjoy planning, organizing, prioritizing, and executing simultaneous projects and activities that promote our mission of connecting people with rainforests, and bringing rainforests to the world. You also possess strong leadership skills and enjoy interacting with people on a daily basis. Finally, you are comfortable with living in a highly social setting with little privacy.

Special consideration will be given if you:

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree in Communications or Hospitality
  • Are fluent in or have taken courses in Spanish
  • Have a demonstrated experience of leading/ hosting groups of people

About the position:

The internship is based out of ARCAmazon’s office on the outskirts of Puerto Maldonado’s city center. You will work closely with 1-2 permanent staff and 1 other intern (Communications and Marketing Intern) to meet the organization’s volunteer coordination goals. This position has a negotiable start date in late September or early October 2018 and lasts for 3 months with a possibility for extension.

Your responsibilities:

As a Volunteer Coordination intern, you will be responsible for coordinating the arrival and departure of volunteers at Puerto Maldonado via email, picking them up from the airport, welcoming them to the ARCAmazon House, showing them the city, and organizing taxis for them to and back from the city. You will also be managing the ARCAmazon House (buying food, supplying accommodations for volunteers, taking care of the house’s pets, and light cleaning), along with communicating with other ARCAmazon staff regarding volunteer movements up to the Las Piedras Amazon Center (LPAC). In conjunction with your fellow intern, you will also be responsible for hiring your replacement towards the end of the internship. As you will be living and working alongside the Communications & Marketing intern, you might also be tasked with administrative and marketing work. Other responsibilities will vary based on the needs of the organization and will be integrated into the position as the intern expands their knowledge and skills.


You will be provided housing at the ARCAmazon House in Puerto Maldonado and a food stipend (25 soles per day) for the duration of the position. This includes a shared sleeping platform and living/kitchen/dining/work space shared with other staff and volunteers. You’ll also have a chance to visit the Las Piedras Amazon Center where you’ll be able to experience the rainforest and engage in several activities such as tree climbing, wildlife watching, and spending time working with foreign and Peruvian researchers, staff, volunteers and local community stakeholders. This internship is also an excellent opportunity to learn and practice leadership and coordination skills, hospitality skills, and Spanish language. It also offers a chance for an immersive travel experience in Peru’s Madre de Dios region, with frequent interaction and collaboration with local Peruvians, including Quechua-speaking people indigenous to the Andes who migrated to this region.

Job Type: Internship


  • Bachelor's (Preferred)


  • Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios (Preferred)


  • English (Required)
  • Spanish (Preferred)

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